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Tell someone they are not making the BRIDESMAID cut

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So, you’re getting married and there are more than a few things to look forward to when it comes to the wedding. The registry, the place settings, the guest list and of course choosing your fateful bridesmaids. This vital gown wearing team will be your lifeline when you become a raging bridezilla. They’ll get the strippers you said you didn’t want at your bachelorette party and they will attend your fittings in their finest Spanx offering you moral support (even when they are feel insecure). The people you choose need to have your back, they need to be present and they need to throw down a decent amount of cash on their dresses and accessories, not to mention the wedding gift.

After you’ve chosen your team, you feel a sense of relief, a sense of confidence that these friends are the ride or die sect of your extended family. You couldn’t imagine anyone else in your wedding court, the photos will be perfect, everything is working out great… That is until you realize, you have that friend… that friend who is close but not your closest, she was absolutely positively sure she was going to be selected, so much so, that she didn’t even ask. As she was waiting for her phone to ring, that special email to come through or maybe some fancy keepsake in the mail, it never came. While you and your team of bridesmaids are posting mimosa pics of your celebration brunch on Facebook, she is wishing for a dislike button.

The question is: How do you tell a friend she is NOT a bridesmaid?

Heart To Heart

The first step is to rationalize how you really feel. There were a limited number of spaces and certain players had a lock. You have to make it clear that it’s not that you feel any less close to her, it’s just that certain people expressed a lot of interest in joining the wedding court and she never did. You thought being an attendee would be a relief. Who wants to be a bridesmaid anyway?

Radio Silence

Who is she to demand an explanation? You chose your selected people for your own personal reasons. This is YOUR wedding, why it’s suddenly all about her? The truth is, you don’t owe anyone anything and putting her through the awkward convo may even make things worse. Let it blow over, eventually, after she gets married and leaves you in the dust, it probably will!

Blame Your Family

Let’s face it, if you have any female relatives that you have included, they make the perfect scapegoat. Whether it’s your sister, niece or third cousin once removed, you were obligated to put them up there and they ultimately took her spot. You would have LOVED to have included her, but there simply wasn’t room after your fam pushed you into making an in house offer.

Telling someone they aren’t a bridesmaid will always be an awkward conversation, no matter how hard you prep. But it’s just another TO DO on the getting married list. And hey, at least you get a wedding out of it!

Happy Wedding Anniversary – Ashley & Philip Video

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Ashley & Philip celebrate their two year wedding anniversary today. We would like to congratulate them and wish them many many more happy years together.

While at an event on Friday evening I ran into Ashley & Philip. The tie Philip was wearing reminded me of their ongoing theme in life and one that resonated on their wedding day. When I looked over at Philip’s tie I was not shocked to see little whales all over. It looked something like this.

Spouting whale printed silk motif tie

So back to the wedding video
These two celebrated their wedding at First Baptist Church in Corpus Christi, and partied the night away at the Country Club.

Ashley & Philip whale beach photo
Photo by Deux Boheme Photography in Corpus Christi – Ashley & Philip at the beach

Ryan & Leslie from Deux Boheme were there to capture their wedding photos.  This is a photography team we love to work with. Take a look at their work at

Ashley & Philip's Wedding DVD Case
Photography by Deux Boheme – Corpus Christi Texas.

Thanks for watching the wedding video. Happy anniversary to Ashley & Philip!
Derrick Perrin
Big Box Pro Wedding Video

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Live At The Ritz – The Revival Sessions – The Shake Down – On The Run

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On The Run – performed by The Shake Down. This live video from the Ritz Theater in Corpus Christi was recorded on January 16, 2014. This was the first recording session for The Revival Sessions produced by CC Patch.
To find out more on how you can help restore the old Ritz Theater visit
Audio Engineer and mixing by Dylan Ely of The Loop Studios – Corpus Christi, Texas
Camera man – Derrick Perrin & Pablo Schmitt
Editing- Derrick Perrin – Big Box Pro in Corpus Christi, Texas
Lighting - Sound Vibrations in Corpus Christi, TX
The Revival Sessions at the Ritz Theater

Ritz Theater Corpus Christi Texas

Gail & Brian Wedding Weekend

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First United Methodist Church Wedding

Down the isle at First United Methodist Church in Corpus Christi Texas

First United Methodist Church, Isle
Down the isle at First United Methodist Church in Corpus Christi Texas

Corpus Christi’s First Methodist Church is where Gail & Brian said “I Do!” on Saturday February 08, 2014.
We had a fun time out at the wedding and the reception to follow. We worked alongside Ron Parks from Ron Parks Photography – Austin, Texas.

Ron Parks Photography
Ron Parks Photo

He brought down Bill Bartz as his photographer assistant. Both gentlemen were a great to work with.

Gail & Brian light the unity candle at FUMC in Corpus Christi

Unity candle at First united Methodist church
Gail & Brian light the unity candle at FUMC in Corpus Christi

Gail and Brian first kiss, photo by Big Box Pro Wedding Video


Thanks for tuning in and we will have more up for you soon.
Derrick Perrin with Big Box Pro Wedding Video – 361-883-4227

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Car sendoff Corpus Christi Country Club
Corvette sendoff from the Corpus Christi Country Club

My Wedding – Website for brides

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My Wedding – Website for brides

It’s wedding season for many brides and there are a lot of resources available to use. We invite you to use as a starting point. With plenty of great categories of wedding vendors you are going to find everything you need to book your wedding day.

Best of luck planning your wedding. We encourage you to watch some wedding video and look for ideas that might make your wedding day better than you imagined it.

-Derrick Perrin, with Big Box Pro Wedding Video.

Wedding Film | The Ballards

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Wedding video produced by Big Box Pro Wedding Video. Shot at the convention center in San Angelo Texas.
Derrick Perrin – Videographer/

Big Box Pro Video Productions

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Big Box Pro Video Productions

Big Box Pro has been offering commercial production and wedding video production for years. We have had one consolidated website at We are now offer two individual sites ‘ will be dedicated to our wedding and family business video will be targeting our TV Commercials legal video production, & video for web.

Thanks for taking a look at our videos and if there are any questions you have please email or call 361-883-4227

Big Box Pro Video Productions – Corpus Christi Texas